Back in 2013 or so, I discovered that my recent ex boyfriend had been into red pill. I got a bit fascinated by the whole world, reading their posts and strategies and tracing how my ex had applied them to our relationship. I felt bad for him - the tactics that they swore would help him keep me were the exact things that caused me to leave him.

Eventually I ran a little experiment. I began writing accounts of my experiences - past and present - with men. Then I would run a search and replace for all gender-identifiers - he she his her etc. and switch them. And I'd edit out obvious gender identifiers like make up and such. So the final product was a story where all the genders were reversed. My rule was that I would write the story as if I were a fly on the wall observing it - unemotional, just the facts.

Then I started posting these stories to red pill, under the guise of being a man. Remember - I was telling stories about men, but had switched them around so it sounded like the story was about a woman.

Without fail, the comments would include stuff like, "Oh! Only a woman would ever do that!" or "Hypergamy!" Or "It's a woman's nature to do exactly that!" or, my favorite, "You were so clearly the rational one here, women are so stupid and emotional." (not exact words, but you get the gist)

But the stories were actually about men, and I'm actually a woman.

Anyway, I gained some notoriety. I was asked to write for a popular red pill blog, invited to events, among other things. I think this may have been before the whole "endorsed contributor" thing. It was early days.

Anyway I thought maybe someday I would do a big reveal, a bit of a gotcha for the red pill community, but I eventually lost interest.

The way they describe women is just humans at their shittiest. The way they describe men is often just humans at their best. I'm not saying men and women aren't different - I'm just saying we're not different in the ways red pill says we are.

Women will engage in hypergamy, sure, but don't men also leave their partners for someone they percieve to be "better" ? Of course. Some men do it, some women do it.

Anyway the thing that irks me about red pill is that they claim to view women with such disdain yet they still try to entrap women, they still engage with them, they still try to finagle intimacy from them. I don't see the same thing among women who hate men, at least not in as large of numbers. Women who hate men do the reasonable thing - they stop seeking relationships with men. They walk the fuck away.

Anyway, I still have access to that red pill account if I ever feel like wreaking havoc with it.




Watch this space for stories about nomadic living and single motherhood by choice.

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Ija Mei

Ija Mei

Watch this space for stories about nomadic living and single motherhood by choice.

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