Lady who lives in a van, exmormon, primitive skills and outdoor survival enthusiast, cautionary tale. Also, *not my real name.

When you’re exploring Angkor Wat but need to get some editing work done.
  • Where are you from?

Sometimes responsibility for fixing the parent-child relationship shifts to the child.

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Why this surprise is both good and bad.

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Why the slow burn of accidental attraction is so much better than online dating.

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How to build an extraordinary life without money, talent, or hard work.

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After about 20 years of getting any guy I wanted, suddenly I’ve realized I suck at socializing.

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What a little hottie he is.

Deprived of rich female characters when I was young, the upsurge in authentic content about women still isn’t enough.

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The 80s left me starving for narratives I didn’t know existed.

My nonbinary sperm donor and I want to co-parent, and I think we’ll both be better parents without romantic entanglement.

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I wanted a baby. My boyfriend wanted me.

I’m never going to get medium-rich, am I?

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Integrity. Poverty. They live together in perfect harmony.

Ever wonder what would happen if you failed to get the 9–5, or the house, husband, and kids, and got lost in the world instead?

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Ija Mei

Watch this space for stories about nomadic living and single motherhood by choice.

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